J Lyle Bootman

J. Lyle Bootman is Proud of the Healthcare Community’s Work to Improve Patient Outcomes

Improving patient outcomes is what medical professionals pride themselves in accomplishing. The cure for the common cold may be well-documented at this point in human history, but new diseases are always on the horizon and novel treatment methods need to be developed. As a healthcare industry veteran, J. Lyle Bootman has devoted his entire career to medical topics that will help ensure effective and efficient treatment. Reaching this goal often requires a combination of data, modern technology, and a human touch. As senior vice president for Global Health and Consumer Initiatives for Tabula Rasa HealthCare, Mr. Bootman has seen how medication can be improved so that pharmaceuticals can be used more effectively. More than four decades of experience as a professor of pharmacy, medicine, and public health are also used when J. Lyle Bootman researches pharmaceutical topics. As a result, research articles he has published are documents that can set the standard in this industry and serve as steppingstones for the future.

j lyle bootman
J Lyle Bootman

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic shows us that we still have much to learn about threats to human health. Tabula Rasa HealthCare, which J. Lyle Bootman currently works as a senior vice president for, has a mission statement of “leveraging technology to improve healthcare.” This is accomplished by decreasing medication-related risk, reducing adverse drug events, enhancing compliance and quality of care, and improving medication-related outcomes. As it pertains to the coronavirus, Mr. Bootman says that the reason a vaccine is at least one year away from wide-spread distribution is that all possibilities need to be checked for. By testing strains of a vaccine now on those willing to use experimental drugs, medical professionals are narrowing down what adverse reactions may occur and tweaking the vaccine as a result. The stakes are high for all involved, but Mr. Bootman is no stranger to healthcare topics with major ramifications in our day-to-day lives.

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When the issue isn’t as pressing as an ongoing global pandemic, J. Lyle Bootman says that medical research can take the form of college classroom education, peer-reviewed research articles, and special training courses that add depth to one’s understanding. As principal investigator, Mr. Bootman used a $41,000 grant to research “Pharmacoeconomic Analysis of Drug-Related Morbidity and Mortality in Nursing Facilities” on behalf of the ASCP Research and Education Foundation. Such research becomes building blocks as other medical professionals use the findings to help steer their own work and develop, in this case, safer drugs for use within nursing facilities. As a result of his own research, J. Lyle Bootman has been an invited speaker hundreds of times and named one of the “50 most influential pharmacists in the U.S.” by American Druggist. Such a reputation is earned over time and Mr. Bootman encourages those on the frontlines of medicine today to continue pushing forward for the benefit of us all.